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Huisartsen praktijk Burger en van Hasselt,  66 Sweelinckplein in The Hague, telephone 070 3658855.


Opening hours weekdays: from 8.00-17.00h

Consultation by appointment. Please call between 8.00-10.00h

Consultation by telephone. Dr van Hasselt between 12.30-13.00      Dr Burger : 11.30 -12.00   

In cases of emergency outside office hours in weekends and public holidays the whole day, you can phone the medical emergency service  SMASH telephonenumber  070 346 96 69

You can ask our medical assistant practical questions. She makes your appointments and she deals with questions concerning prescriptions and test results. She can give you advice and brochures. You can receive attention from her for blood pressure measurement, bandaging wounds, removal of stitches, injections, urine tests, pregnancy tests, diabetes and hypertension (consultation nurse practitioner), treating warts with liquid nitrogen etc.

Prescription: you can order your ( repeat ) prescription via of our website( see left column "herhaalrecepten") or by telephone (press 2). The assistant will send the prescription to your pharmacy. The next working weekday you can get your medication at your pharmacy.

Home visits can be made by your GP when it is not possible for you to come to the practice because of medical reasons. You can phone before 10.00h to the assistant to ask for a home visit.

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Spoednummer 0703658855

F.J.Burger & H.B. van Hasselt, huisartsen

Sweelinckplein 66
2517 GS Den Haag
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